onwave delivers a range of business services over satellite. Whether it is a primary source of broadband you need, or a secondary source as a backup or fail-over, we have the technical expertise to advise you of the products most suited to meet your needs.
onwave"s broadband services operate over specialist data satellites, making them perfect for any business and completely independent of a terrestrial network. This is great news for business located in areas that do not have access to a terrestrial network, but still demand connectivity to broadband or even those that feel that the terrestrial network often lets them down and who demand higher availability of access to key resources.
onwave can provide satellite products for short term deployments from 1 month, for specialist applications such as CCTV and on flexible commercial terms to suit your business.

Choose the right package for your business

Business Broadband

Satellite broadband for small to medium size business

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Enterprise Broadband

Satellite broadband for larger business and organisations

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